Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kitchen Organization!

Last Thursday was a rainy day in Maryland, so I decided to organize my kitchen cupboards. Kitchen tools were haphazardly stashed where I put them when I moved in three years ago. I eliminated a lot of items we don’t use (wedding gifts etc.) that could go to Goodwill. I took a lot of baby items to the basement as our youngest is currently three. While I sorted, I kept a shopping list:

1. Measuring spoon organizer (my plan: drawer tray)

2. Measuring cup organizer (my plan: huge drawer tray)

3. Tupperware lid organizer (dish drainer—copied from "As the Card Rack Turns" blog on Pinterest)

Turned out I didn’t have to buy organizers for my measuring spoons and cups, because I invented solutions from items headed for the trash!

1. Popsicle mold as measuring spoon organizer!
No more searching for the right measuring spoon J

2. Large Tupperware with small containers as measuring cup organizer!

I had too many measuring cups and discarded all but three per size. Now they stack neatly in each size category.

3. Dish drainer as Tupperware lid organizer!
My neat & tidy husband was so happy when he came home from work today.

Bonus Points:

I copied my sister Laura who keeps her stovetop stirring spoons in an easy-grab container by the stove. Here’s mine…
Laura also had the fun & practical idea to store clothespins clipped to a hanging ribbon!

Also, I was tired of one cupboard that was overrun with about 15 giveaway “sports bottles” (and their various lids). The cupboard spilled every time we opened it.  The task of matching a lid to a bottle was always difficult. So I tossed those bottles in the recycle bin and bought each member of the family his/her own permanent water bottle that looks unique. I chose the kind where the lid attaches with a strap J The two with drinking spouts don’t work, but the lids unscrew and can be used like the other water bottles.

When the kids came home from school that day I informed them that any new free sports bottles will have to be stored in their rooms—they are no longer part of our kitchen repertoire.

          The fun surprise from this change is that the kids love their new water bottles and have been drinking a lot more water!

     My kitchen changes have been in place for five days now, and I can attest that they have been very helpful! I love grabbing the correct Tupperware lid! I love grabbing the correct measuring spoon! I love easy-peasy!

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  1. Thanks !!!! I love these ideas and will be using many of them!