Monday, June 30, 2014

Red, White and Blue Salad

So…our air conditioning was out for a month. Late May-Late June. Very hot & humid in Maryland!!! Naturally, our family lingered in cool public places. At Costco one day, we tried a free sample of cubed watermelon served with cubed Feta cheese.
To my surprise, most of my 5 children liked the salty-sweet combo! So did my husband and I.
The kids suggested it would be great 4th-of-July fare if we added blueberries…

Note: This snack is tastier with chunk Feta, cut up (moist) than pre-crumbled Feta (dry).

At Costco, they served "President" brand Chunk Feta.
(I am NOT a paid advertiser, just reporting J)

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